5 Quick Tips To Bring More Joy Into Your Life

In our constant need to meet the demands of everyday life, it is easy to forget about the simplicities of living, such as finding joy in the little things. Now and then it’s nice to just pause and take a moment to appreciate not only what we have but who we are; and if for some reason we feel not all is as it should be, we can do something about it and change the way we feel by finding ways to make us happier. After all, it is our responsibility to make us happy, not others.

Here are some quick ways to bring more joy into our lives:

Be Grateful

Take a moment out of your day to stop and think about what you are grateful for right now. It could be a recent accomplishment you’ve achieved, your family, something you’ve just bought or something you’re excited about. Just lean into the ‘joy’ of it and notice how it makes you feel.

Make Space

It may sound odd but just decluttering a small area of your home or office can instantly lift your mood. It could be a tiny space such as part of your desk, a table or drawer. There’s something about tidying up that helps you mentally. It places things in order and helps you think more logically; this can help release creativity and inspiration, while also making space for new things and experiences to come into your life.


5 Quick Tips To Bring More Joy Into Your Life - Feature

Smiling makes you feel better and greeting someone with a friendly smile makes them feel good; it costs nothing too. 😊


Movement is great for releasing stress and pent-up frustrations that you may pick-up as you go about your day. It helps keep you fit and healthy and helps those ‘feel good’ elements in your brain to kick in. You don’t have to necessarily go out to do this either. You can move around in your own home too i.e. dancing, exercising or jogging on a spot. If you want to meet up with friends for an exercise class, that’s all the more fun!


5 Quick Tips To Bring More Joy Into Your Life - 3

In the world of cyberspace, there is so no need to feel that you are on your own. You can join a social media group, pick up the phone to someone for a chat or go out and meet people. There’s nothing quite like a friendly chat to work wonders and boosts your morale.


Remember, ‘everything is temporary’ and that includes feeling down, so the next time you find yourself feeling a little blue try following a couple of these steps to help you on your way to feeling better and bringing more joy into your life. After all, you deserve to live a life filled with joy 😊

By Pamela Sommers

Pamela Sommers is the award-winning & bestselling author of ‘Life Lessons from a 40 something…’ and ‘Building Castles In The Sky’. She is also the Founder of SommerSparkle, an award-winning online boutique providing jewellery & accessories for special occasions

Website: www.pamelasommers.com

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