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Pamela is the of author of best seller ‘Life lessons from a 40 something…’ a self improvement and personal development book based on Pamela’s experiences in life. It is aimed at providing guidance and tips on how to maintain a well balanced life and motivating young adults to go for their dreams and be the best they can be.

Pamela first started writing at the tender age of 8. She started off by writing songs. Sometimes she would get a tune in her head and then made up word to go along with it, while other times she would think of the words first and then think of the melody after. She didn’t realise that this was unique, as she thought everyone could do it. She quickly discovered that this wasn’t the case and that she had a gift. This led to her passion for music, where she played and wrote songs for school bands and after she left school she discovered she could also sing. She then sang her own songs in a couple of bands while working in retail during the day. She was in retail for over a decade, including a break to have her son and settle down. Following a career in retail she went on to work in retail and commercial banking and eventually worked at a school.

It was then that her whole life changed, following a garden accident which meant that she had minimal use of her right hand and therefore could no longer work and after a period of feeling devastated. Pamela picked herself up and followed her instincts to start a business providing jewellery & accessories for special occasions called SommerSparkle, which is an award-winning online boutique and has also been featured in British Vogue, you can find it at www.sommersparkle.com Pamela discovered that writing was a big part of her business. Whether it was copywriting, marketing, descriptive writing or writing newsletters to exclusive members of her V.I.P. mailing list. Pamela soon found that she was writing articles for magazines as well as informative blog articles.

Thus, Pamela re-connected to her joy of writing and has started writing books to help and inspire others, in the hope that they too will have the courage to go for your dreams, as they say, ‘the world is your oyster.’

Pamela enjoys dancing, horse-riding, reading and lives with her fiancé and son in London, United Kingdom

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