Life Lessons from a 40 something…



What would you tell your younger self?

It’s a big, wide world out there…

Have you ever felt lost and needed guidance, lacked confidence or felt utterly alone, even in a crowded room?

Or perhaps you have a secret ambition or dream goal that you have kept on the back-burner until the right time and you’re too afraid to take the leap?

In her bestselling and award-winning book, ‘Life Lessons from a 40 something…’  which has received a 5 star award of excellence from The International Review of Books; award-winning entrepreneur, Pamela Sommers reveals her tips and advice, with real life stories to help you overcome your fears, motivate you to be the best you can be and to go for your dreams.

Whatever your age, male or female; this self help and personal growth book is filled with golden nuggets of wisdom, just for you5 star award of excellence

By the time you finish reading this, you’ll feel ready to conquer the world.

‘The world is your oyster’

It all starts by taking the first step

Are you ready?

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Here’s what people are saying…

‘This book imparts lessons, with each chapter delivering its own lesson theme such as “Don’t compare yourself to others,” etc. Some include how the author came to learn these lessons and most include why they are important.
As a therapist, these are all the same lessons that I strive to teach my clients so that may live healthy lives that are true to their values and selves. There is great wisdom in this book and I wish I had read it when I was about fifteen. You will be glad you picked it up, and hopefully you will share it too.’

‘I wish I had this book when I was a teenager. The content is simple and easy to understand and geared towards helping younger people understand some of the adult struggles they may be facing or will face.

Pamela opens up about her own personal struggles which gives context and real world examples of issues we all face and how to overcome them. Some of the suggestions in the earlier part of the book may seem obvious to older readers, however there are some great words of wisdom and ideas that may have not been around or discussed when you were younger. These concepts may help inspire those in their 40’s and beyond with new ways to handle various situations with ease and grace you may not have thought about which can easily be implemented.

This book is one which you can keep going back to when you need inspiration or a push in a certain area of your life. I recommend reading for anyone who wants to continue to grow and be the best version of themselves.’

‘An easy read and truly inspirational, even life chaging.’

‘Sound advice written in an informal manner from a personal perspective. there are things in this book that just reading the words alone will have a massive impact on a person. Realising you in yourself are enough can go a long way. For me this book is about trusting who you are, even if you’re not quite sure who that is. After all, you always change and grow embrace yourself and life itself areas much easier, including being in control. Easily accessible, not preachy, and very insightful.’

‘Pamela Sommers what a truly remarkable book! It is a revelation. I was highlighting on my Kindle like crazy. I recommend this title to all women… you will feel understood and cared for just from reading it.’

‘Although geared toward teenagers and young adults, Life Lessons from a 40 something has all sorts of good advice applicable for all ages, even those of us who are 40 something as well. A pleasant read, full of Ms. Sommers personal experiences and the lessons she learned over the years.’ – The International Review of Books