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Imperfection in Progress Podcast with Dawn Calvinisti: The Most Important Relationship with Pamela Sommers

February 2024

Dear Loves Just Breathe Podcast by Elisa Lindstrom: Finding Your Sparkle with Pamela Sommers

October 2023

Be Free Podcast by Susi McWilliam: Overcoming Challenges and Following Your Dreams with Pamela Sommers

Overcoming Challenges and Following Your Dreams with Pamela Sommers and Susi McWilliam

September 2022

Wellness Stories Podcast hosted by Carrie Neely

June 2022

Springclean Your Mind Summit hosted by Margaret Sap

May 2022

The Faith Filled Entrepreneur Podcast with Jenn Kleiber: How Perseverance Can Lead to Your Next Big Break with Pamela Sommers

July 2021

Health and PowHer podcast by Dr. Anna Esparham: Episode 50: Trust and develop your divine intuition with Pamela Sommers

April 2021

Bit & Bristle: Women Who Inspire with Pamela Sommers

March 2021

Book Advent Calendar by Caroline Palmy: Fabulously You: Live a Life You Love

December 2020

Triangle Media Radio: Author Spotlight Interview with Pamela Sommers

October 2020

Heartrepreneur® Radio: The Sparkling Path to a Fabulous Life with Pamela Sommers

September 2020

The Afterlight Podcast: Ghost stories, hearing and setting boundaries with guest Pamela Sommers

September 2020

Womanly Inspiration: 7 Ways To Be Happier Now

September 2020

It Is Time To Manifest International Summit hosted by Daniela Porter

June 2020

Thrive Global : The First Time I Noticed My Colour

June 2020

Hair : How To Put Yourself Back Together Again After An Upheaval

March 2020

Heal Your Life Talk Radio Show : Life Lessons from a 40 something with Bestselling Author Pamela Sommers

March 2020

Chat and Spin Radio : Pamela Sommers Interview : Life Lessons from a 40 something…

February 2020

Chat and Spin Radio : Pamela Sommers Book Author Interview

February 2020

The Female Entrepreneurs Network : Her Entrepreneurial Journey – Pamela Sommers

January 2020

Thrive Global : How Failure Can Lead To Success

January 2020

Business Bravery Podcast : Be Bold, Be Beautiful, Be You with Pamela Sommers

January 2020

Chat and Spin Radio : Pamela Sommers Book Author Interview

December (Christmas) 2019

Fearless Females Podcast : You are enough with
Pamela Sommers

December 2019

Chat and Spin Radio : Pamela Sommers Book Author Interview

November 2019

Thrive Global: Stepping out of your comfort zone in search of happiness

November 2019

Chat and Spin Radio: Pamela Sommers Book Author Interview

October 2019

Women’s Own : Would you take your newborn abroad?

September 2019

Alyssa Rose Books : Pamela Sommers Interview

August 2019 How To Organize Your Time As An Entrepreneur

July 2019

Take a Break Fate & Fortune : Summer Special : The Woman In Black

Summer 2019

Female First UK: Tips to make social media more positive

April 2019

The Independent : Mother’s Day 2019 : Six people share what it’s like to spend the day without their mothers

March 2019

Metro UK : People tell us what it’s like to lose someone you love and how to cope with it

March 2019 Pamela Sommers Helps Women Reconnect With Their Inner Being

March 2019 Reflect On Life With These 24 Captivating Books

February 2019

Feel like a constant failure? How to stop being your own worst critic

Irish Examiner, Xposé.ie,
Around Town Wales

February 2019

Belfast Telegraph: Banish the f-word and stop being your own worst critic

February 2019 24 Books About Spirituality That Are Actually Worth Reading

February 2019 20 Simple and Real Ideas to Add to Your Self-Care Routine

February 2019

How To Age With Grace And Ease

The EveryGirl Journal February Issue 2018

February 2018

Meet Pamela Sommers, author of Life Lessons From a 40 Something

January 2018

Connections Magazine

Connections emagazine NOV 2017 front page

November 2017

Spotlight Magazine

Spotlight November 2017 Front Cover

November 2017

Pamela Sommers: Interesting Facts…


It’s Never Too Late To Follow Your Dreams

October 2017

Authors Interviews: Pamela Sommers


Spotlight Magazine: Sparkle & Success

Spotlight magazine cover Sept 2017

September 2017

British Vogue

Vogue April 2017

April 2017

Female Entrepreneur Association: How She Did It: How Pamela Built A Successful Jewellery And Accessories Business


Huffington Post: How To Keep Celebrating Success Once The New Year Is Over


Post Code News: Hair Accessories for a Special Occasion

Post Code News: Hair Accessories for a Special Occasion


Mosaic Magazine Issue 1: Getting back up after you fall


Fall 2016

Empowered Magazine: Business Profile

August 2016

Inspired Brides: Choosing Your Hair Accessories

Inspired Brides Magazine

Summer 2016

LEAP for women: Take 5: Pamela Sommers


2inspire Network: 2inspire Inspirational Woman: Pamela Sommers, Founder of SommerSparkle


British Vogue

Vogue June 2016

Centenary Edition

June 2016

House of Coco: Designer Spotlight: SommerSparkle


Mama’s in Business: Pamela Sommers of SommerSparkle: Mama of the Month


Female Business Hub: Entrepreneur Friday – Pamela Sommers


Write & Reach: The Creativity Q & A – Pamela Sommers


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