Building Castles In The Sky

Why is it that some people seem so lucky in life and appear to have it all; success, love, happiness, while others can only dream about it? Is it the way they think? What they do? Or perhaps a combination of both?

Mindset, hard work, determination and passion can make a big difference on the road to achieving your dreams. But, that’s not all, there’s something else, another piece of the jigsaw that you just can’t quite put your finger on…

In this personal growth book, award-winning Buidling Castles In The Sky: How To Make Your Dreams Come Trueentrepreneur and author, Pamela Sommers shares her tips and techniques to set you on the path to success. Your inner game influences your outer game. By utilising metaphysical tools to increase your awareness on the inside, you’ll be well-equipped to up your game on the outside in the big, wide, world. Packed full of great ideas and high vibes to help increase your ability to manifest your dreams into reality, so that you can also start building your own ‘…Castles In The Sky.’

Your dreams are in the palm of your hand

Are you ready to make them happen?

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Here’s what people are saying…

‘I found this book… and I’m so glad I did! It’s an inspiring guide to those seeking calm and peace in a chaotic world. I read it as part of my therapy for social anxiety, and I will definitely be recommending it to others.’