How To Focus On The Present

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We are surrounded by distractions at our every turn; from phone calls to television, and now with the added distractions of notifications from social media too. It is so easy to get caught up in these everyday occurrences that seem to have become the norm.

However, these distractions can have a tremendous impact on our mind. If we allow them to build up, it could lead to feelings of overwhelm, fatigue due to constant overload and stress.

Here are some tips to help you keep these distractions to a minimum, stay focused on the present and maintain control over your life.

At the start of your day

Begin your day by taking a few slow deep breaths. The oxygen that flows around your body as you inhale will help you feel calm and allow you to focus.


Write down 3 things that you need to do, then place them in order of priority. Take action by doing only 1 task at a time and complete it before moving on to the next task on the list. At first you may feel that this is impossible but once you start doing this method, it will become easier. Don’t be tempted to do more than 1 task at a time as that can put pressure on you and make things more stressful. Trust the process.


When things gets too much for you, turn off all distractions. You do not have to be ‘on’ constantly because that can lead to burn-out without you realising. Turn off all devices including your mobile and laptop, tablet and the television. At first it may seem strange but you will be amazed at how much clarity this can bring into a situation. Try it out and see for yourself, it doesn’t have to be for long; just give yourself the gift to just ‘be’ and not ’do’ all the time.

Don’t Worry

Fear of missing out is very common these days. People worry if they are missing out on the latest news or event and panic if they haven’t been on social media for a day. Social media is designed that way to boost engagement and persuade people to return again and again. In reality if you haven’t been on there for a couple of days, you’ll probably find that you haven’t actually missed out as much as you thought after all. Besides, if it were that important, you would probably hear about it one way or another from another source-news has a way of travelling fast. Stop focusing on what others are doing and concentrate on your own life.


If you are surrounded by lots of people and you feel like there is too much going on and you are finding it hard to think straight. Try and close your eyes for a second if you can, and imagine a heavy ball sitting on your lower abdomen. Breathe deeply and focus your breath and your mind on that ball. Imagine feeling how heavy the ball is and allow the weight of it to help you balance as you focus your energy there. Breathe in slowly in and out, keeping your shoulders down. This will help you feel calm, steady and more in control. Then open your eyes (if they were closed) and carry on.

Pay Attention

If you are meeting someone for coffee or going out for a meal, ensure you put your mobile phone away and try to turn the sound off if you can. Give them your undivided attention; it shows you care. This is especially important if you haven’t seen that person in a while. Make the most of it and enjoy it.

As I say in my book, ‘Life Lessons from a 40 something…’

‘today you are making tomorrow’s memories.’

So, focus on the present and treasure each moment by making them count.

Pamela Sommers

Pamela Sommers

Author & Entrepreneur

Pamela Sommers is an award-winning author of bestsellers: Life lessons from a 40 Something…, Building Castles In The Sky: How To Make Your Dreams Come True and Fabulously You: Live a Life You Love.

She is also the Founder of SommerSparkle, an award-winning, online boutique that provides beautiful jewellery & accessories, for special occasions.

In her spare time she enjoys writing songs, listening to music and loves dancing.

Fabulously You: Live a Life You Love
Life Lessons from a 40 something...
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