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Most people find it easier to show others love and attention and forget about themselves. Perhaps it is out of habit or maybe they simply do not put themselves first. There is no need to feel guilty about loving yourself. In fact, if you love yourself completely you are more likely to feel better about yourself and be a happier person to be around. Self-love is one way of ensuring you value yourself and increase your self-worth. We all need love in our lives, from others and from ourselves.

Make time for yourself, here are some ways you can begin showing yourself some self-love:

Look After Yourself

Eat and drink healthily with food and drinks that nourish and support you and exercise regularly to energise, strengthen, increase your stamina and overall health.

Quality Time To Yourself

While it is great to surround yourself with those you love, it is equally important to take some time to be by yourself. It is almost like getting to know yourself again and appreciating who you are as an individual. Even if it is just for 10 minutes a day. You can do something you enjoy or simply enjoy the peace and quiet around you to gather your thoughts.

Be Still

It is surprising how being quiet and still for just a few minutes a day can make all the difference to your day. Just slowing down physically can also help you slow down mentally and help you re-gain your natural balance and focus.


Meditating can really help you keep calm and continue with your day. It doesn’t have to involve sitting quietly and breathing deeply. Being in a meditative state can be just as rewarding; whether this is gardening, listening to music or cooking. Do something that puts you in a position of peace and tranquillity and you’ll soon find just how  beneficial to your health and well-being it can be.


Show yourself some appreciation; this could mean starting a gratitude diary where you list all the things you are grateful for or you could simply say 3 things you are grateful out loud every morning. This is a great reminder of all the good in your life and also sets you up for a fantastic day ahead. When you start to appreciate yourself, others around you will follow suit and help enhance the positive atmosphere around you.


Remember to treat yourself regularly; this could mean pampering yourself with a new hair-do, facial, massage, by going out for a meal, or even by buying a special outfit. Reward yourself with something that makes you feel amazing. It’ll make the world of difference.

Encouraging words

Speak words that encourage and support you both internally and to others. This will uplift, motivate and empower you and create a positive atmosphere around you.

By showing yourself some love and appreciation regularly, you will feel better about yourself and much happier.

Start showing yourself some love and sharing your happiness 😊

Pamela Sommers

Pamela Sommers

Author & Entrepreneur

Pamela Sommers is an award-winning author of bestsellers: Life lessons from a 40 Something…, Building Castles In The Sky: How To Make Your Dreams Come True and Fabulously You: Live a Life You Love.

She is also the Founder of SommerSparkle, an award-winning, online boutique that provides beautiful jewellery & accessories, for special occasions.

In her spare time she enjoys writing songs, listening to music and loves dancing.

Fabulously You: Live a Life You Love
Life Lessons from a 40 something...
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