How To Make Decisions With Ease

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Decision-making is part of everyday life. Some decisions can be life-changing, while others may not be as major, but are still necessary.

Here are some tips to help you make decisions with ease:

Calm Yourself

  • Go somewhere quiet or close the door. Take a few slow deep breaths and give yourself a couple of minutes to calm yourself, this helps to clear your mind and focus.

Pro’s and Con’s

  • Make a list of pro’s and con’s and weigh up the benefits. Try to remain emotionally detached during this step, as thinking logically can make the initial decision clearer.

How Do You Feel?

  • Now, check your feelings about each decision separately i.e. how do you feel if you went with decision A? Then do the same for decision B. Notice the difference between them.

Check Your Body Language

  • Which one feels better to you? If you have time and space, you can also try this with your body language or posture. For instance, stand or sit up straight; If you lean forward to a particular decision compared to the other, that is usually a decision that you feel more comfortable with. Whereas the opposite is true, if you find yourself leaning further back and away from a decision.

Act Now

  • Make the decision fast, put it into action and stick to it, this will free up space in your mind and free up your time, so that you can move on to something else.

Once you have made a decision, especially a major one, it can feel like a weight has been lifted off your shoulders. So, take a deep breath in and a slow breath out. This will help you feel calmer and more relaxed, confident in the knowledge that you have made the right decision for you.


Pamela Sommers

Pamela Sommers

Author & Entrepreneur

Pamela Sommers is an award-winning author of bestsellers: Life lessons from a 40 Something…, Building Castles In The Sky: How To Make Your Dreams Come True and Fabulously You: Live a Life You Love.

She is also the Founder of SommerSparkle, an award-winning, online boutique that provides beautiful jewellery & accessories, for special occasions.

In her spare time she enjoys writing songs, listening to music and loves dancing.

Fabulously You: Live a Life You Love
Life Lessons from a 40 something...
Building Castles In The Sky


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